Welcome to your Vansville PTA.  We believe that nothing is more important that giving a child the best education available.  As advocates for our children and believers in proactive parental involvement in our public schools, we work with the teachers, staff and administration of Vansville on a daily basis to strive to
make Vansville Elementary School the best neighborhood school
in Prince George's County.

The partnership that will develop is valued and appreciated.

Your next PTA Meeting is October 4th at 6:30 pm.
We will be voting for the new Corresponding Secretary!
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This year the PTA theme is "Bridging the Gap....through Empowerment, Enrichment, Engagement,and Excellence!" 

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Our Mission

6813 Ammendale Rd, Beltsville MD 20705
PTA Meeting Tuesday, October 4th, 6:30 pm
Elect a corresponding secretary
Consider opportunities to volunteer

The Vansville PTA is in the process of amending two articles of our Bylaws to elect a corresponding secretary. Please see the PTA Board page for corresponding secretary responsibilities and how to apply for this position.

Spirit Night at sweetFrog Thursday, September 29th, 3-10 pm

Send in your Box Tops for Education labels today! Collect them on collection sheets and put your student's and teacher's name on it.

Support Vansville in Harris Teeter's "Together in Education" Program.    Link your E-VIC card to Vansville's account # 3203.  Need help? Click here.

Please re-link your E-Vic card to Vansville's account again in the new school year
We are looking forward to an amazing year!
Email: vespta16@gmail.com Phone: 301-744-9931
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Join us for our first Spirit Night at Sweet Frog in Laurel this Thursday, September 29th!